Friday, December 19, 2008


After 5 weeks on the rad, i mean road we've returned home safely. The ground all covered with blow, i mean snow- the season changed and it's "totally bonus" this will be the second ever real winter of my life and i'm way stoked to be shredding on some hibernation vibe!
Really why i'm writing this though is to let all the people we stayed with, played with, all the folks who cruzed out to our shows and the massive amounts of chillers we met on this tour know how rad ya'll helped to make this! Seriously, all the people who opened up their houses or took time to book something for us, took extra time to make us food or just have a cool conversation with really made every day something to smile about so thanks to all who got into it!!! We can't wait to meet up again! Also big hugs to Temptation crew and Wet Hair ya'll are the best it was great to have a good crew of cronies to role with!

hugs out,

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c said...

send me a note some time...hope all is well chris allick