Friday, December 19, 2008


After 5 weeks on the rad, i mean road we've returned home safely. The ground all covered with blow, i mean snow- the season changed and it's "totally bonus" this will be the second ever real winter of my life and i'm way stoked to be shredding on some hibernation vibe!
Really why i'm writing this though is to let all the people we stayed with, played with, all the folks who cruzed out to our shows and the massive amounts of chillers we met on this tour know how rad ya'll helped to make this! Seriously, all the people who opened up their houses or took time to book something for us, took extra time to make us food or just have a cool conversation with really made every day something to smile about so thanks to all who got into it!!! We can't wait to meet up again! Also big hugs to Temptation crew and Wet Hair ya'll are the best it was great to have a good crew of cronies to role with!

hugs out,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

FACE PLANT 'Full Frontal Nudity' green C32

The cassette “Full Frontal Nudity” by Face Plant is the solo modular hessian noise trance project of Aaron Coyes (unborn unicorn, rahdunes, peaking lights) with brutal frequency’s, mellow drone, and all around stoney flavoring, pumping thru a large ape mans primitive oscillating home brewed modular synth made from old stereo components and hacked up electronics connected to a homemade 3 head tape delay, and some hand cut records being played on one fucking hefty needle! Let the Face Plant space organ be the command center in the helmet that is your head and drift away into the ether!!! GREAT FOR PARTY’S!!!

ARF 01
lmtd to 100

6$ ppd in us
8$ ppd outside us

sold out-

Thursday, September 25, 2008


some things for sale...mind you i have only a couple copies of most of these which will be listed as follows:

-ALIVE in A CAVE 07'-
cd-r lmtd. to 80 copies
on Blackest Rainbow out
of the UK
10$ postage paid in US
15$ postage paid Outside US
SOLD OUT = 0 copies left

rlw, castings, rahdunes, cygnus, xnobbqx, loach fillet, sun of the seventh sister, werewolf jerusalam and may many more.
totally wicked!
18$ postage paid in US
25$ postage paid outside US
SOLD OUT = 0 copies left

here's a link to a review from siltblog:
each cover is different and handmade... recorded throught 2002 and originally released on cd-r in 2003 it wasn't till 2005 it made it's way to vinyl...where it shall stay!
18$ postage paid in the US
25$ postage paid outside US
SOLD OUT = 0 copies left
EXPO 70/RAHDUNES split 12"
get your psych on with this one. put out by KILL SHAAMAN it's been described here on aquarius records as" RAHDUNES taking the high road and EXPO 70 taking the low road" other key words are "EXPO 70 with and earthy throb" and "RAHDUNES sounding like the charles manson and the beach boys jamming high on acid at a bonfire on a so-cal beach" ... just something to think about!
15$ postage paid in US
23$ postage paid outside US

RAHDUNES picture disk 180gram vinyl on QBICO-
if you like stuff released on QBICO, you'll like this: take note,
"DERAILLING!" 3's an ummm, rock album.

25$ postage paid US
33$ postage paid outside US

out of press very lmtd to 300 copies
SOLD OUT = 0 copies left

please be sure and send a seperate email to us at and include what you want to purchase to make sure we have it still available

(new stuff in the works: PEAKING LIGHTS c-13 pink cassette, FACE PLANT c-33 green cassette)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm addicted to making 45rpm mix tapes... here's a quick list of some mixes:

captain beefheart-well ,together with
isao tomita and grandmaster flash-the message played at 33rpm

2x's yes into yes and reggae into yes-roundabout

reggae and gregorian chant mix

bill cosby and reggae

the astors-candy
ohio players-funky worm, staple singers-aftersex/lets do it again 45rpm, the beach boys-transcendental meditation song, war- 2x's the world is a ghetto played at 33rpm, the ninchucks-bruce lee's return of the dragon soundtrack, temptations-psychedelic shack

temple chants and rockwell-somebody's watching me at 33rpm mix

yoko ono-touch me, brothers johnson-(cover of shugie otis)strawberry letter 23, kinks-destroyer, the count five-psychotic reaction played at 33rpm, the carpenters-calling occupants of interplanetary craft (7min version)

reggae mixed with the apartment(from american gigolo soundtrack)

poppy family-endless sleep, strawberry alarm clock-birdman of alkatrash, the troggs-from home, denise lasalle-keep it comin', the beach boys-heroes and villains

kraftwerk-numbers and tomita mix

soooooooooooo much more too!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

new RAHDUNES cassette

a new cassette will be out soon on bum tapes outta the uk. it's called "Drink and Drive or Smoke and Fly" this is also a good description of the 2 songs most likely will be on a c-2o check out what they do here,

FACE PLANT/TEMPTATION split 8track tape

you best be goin out and buyin up an 8track player cause Face Plant and Temptation are doin a split limited to 94 copies. each track has 10 min's and theres four of those...should have those on tour with us...if your lucky! Face Plant is homemade modular wierdness, and who knows what the fuck temptation does???

Peaking Lights-west coast tour 08'

tour towns- will get filled in as we go!

nov.10th thru dec. 12th please check our myspace at:

for the most recent dates, changes etc...

RAHDUNES 2 west coast dates for 2008

so we kicked it back a notch, nate indra and i will start only doin a few RAHDUNES shows a year, but are gonna keep recording and being productive in other ways and forces. check out nates new project at it makes no sense but that kind of makes it make sense... for 2008 we set up only 2 other shows outside of our excursion to the south-west in march... these being nov. 23 at the echo curio in Los Angeles with Wet Hair, Robedor, and others, and the other in San Francisco on nov.28th which i have to wait to announce...if any necks can make it, slayin! also i've gon on to do solo stuff under the name Face Plant (should have some cassettes with us on peaking lights/wet hair tour. Indra and i just got married and have been working on Peaking Lights... all three of us are collaborating on soundscapes for Cam Archers new film SHITYEAR....keep eyes out!

octoberfest on the 3rd.

thee oh sees, trin tran, peaking lights, ty segall, and buck pig (one the dudes from flying luttenbachers) starts at ten and is 5 $$$
taking place in the corral room downstairs from the tornado room steakhouse in madison,wi

FACE PLANT-the rig

so a few folks asked what the fuck was the face plant deal, so here's a pic of thee debacle...but you will have to view it sideways, cause thats just how it goes.


we just finished recording the new lp for release on night people. all recorded live on 2 track in our barn....