Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm addicted to making 45rpm mix tapes... here's a quick list of some mixes:

captain beefheart-well ,together with
isao tomita and grandmaster flash-the message played at 33rpm

2x's yes into yes and reggae into yes-roundabout

reggae and gregorian chant mix

bill cosby and reggae

the astors-candy
ohio players-funky worm, staple singers-aftersex/lets do it again 45rpm, the beach boys-transcendental meditation song, war- 2x's the world is a ghetto played at 33rpm, the ninchucks-bruce lee's return of the dragon soundtrack, temptations-psychedelic shack

temple chants and rockwell-somebody's watching me at 33rpm mix

yoko ono-touch me, brothers johnson-(cover of shugie otis)strawberry letter 23, kinks-destroyer, the count five-psychotic reaction played at 33rpm, the carpenters-calling occupants of interplanetary craft (7min version)

reggae mixed with the apartment(from american gigolo soundtrack)

poppy family-endless sleep, strawberry alarm clock-birdman of alkatrash, the troggs-from home, denise lasalle-keep it comin', the beach boys-heroes and villains

kraftwerk-numbers and tomita mix

soooooooooooo much more too!

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