Sunday, September 21, 2008

RAHDUNES 2 west coast dates for 2008

so we kicked it back a notch, nate indra and i will start only doin a few RAHDUNES shows a year, but are gonna keep recording and being productive in other ways and forces. check out nates new project at it makes no sense but that kind of makes it make sense... for 2008 we set up only 2 other shows outside of our excursion to the south-west in march... these being nov. 23 at the echo curio in Los Angeles with Wet Hair, Robedor, and others, and the other in San Francisco on nov.28th which i have to wait to announce...if any necks can make it, slayin! also i've gon on to do solo stuff under the name Face Plant (should have some cassettes with us on peaking lights/wet hair tour. Indra and i just got married and have been working on Peaking Lights... all three of us are collaborating on soundscapes for Cam Archers new film SHITYEAR....keep eyes out!

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